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Black Out The Sun
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Talk Talk Talk
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This Delicate FILM We've Made
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The Time Machine Tour
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Big Night In...
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Truly Madly Completely
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Label: Roadshow
Release: 21/11/2005
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The 80's Get Me Hard

I'm watching a documentary on Scott Walker, the innovative American experimental and esoteric music maker. I don't know if this speaks of my mood today or my new direction in my musical life – but I feel a sense of solidarity with him. On that note, Willie Williams and I met up today to discuss the tour again – he having just come back from New York where he was working with that other musical outcast Laurie Anderson.

It was an inspiring meeting where he produced models and pictures to demonstrate exactly how he'll help present 'This Delicate Thing' live. It's amazing with computer aided design, you don't often need to make 'real' things. But it really helped seeing a 3D model of the stage and how it might all unfold with the music. I could be making another huge mistake by financing this show! But I live for my art and to not do this show I think is something I'd regret more than a few extra dollars in my pocket.

It's been a strange week this one. Lots of topsy turvy energy going down (anyone else feel it?) and been feeling more tired than usual. Took to having a nap on the couch on the weekend a couple times which I rarely do (Rich took a snap of Wally and I in a deep coma – could that dog be any cuter?). We were supposed to go see a movie – bought tickets and all – but ended up just staying in.

Today after our meeting we knocked about in the West End for a bit – I bought another Star Wars book I don't need and got some food from the organic store for dinner.

We had the most amazing organic food store around the corner from us called Fresh and Wild. But it got bought by 'Whole Foods' the U.S company and got closed down to allow for their huge super store opening up in Kensington. Great for Kensington but bad for us! We really loved walking there and getting awesome healthy food for dinner fresh each night. Now there's a burger place to tempt us. What to do? That's why whenever I'm near one I go crazy storing up food like an animal preparing for winter. How sad and boring that in my mid 30's I should be confessing to eating a carrot and chick pea salad instead of getting trashed at the pub?

Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut again (short haircuts need cutting every few weeks have ya noticed?) and then Thursday we are in the studio doing the surround sound mix for the DVD version of the record due next year. Friday is the album photo shoot and Monday I leave for L.A for the video shoot. Super busy days huh!

Here's my ten second review on all things pop culture this week. Paris Hilton going to jail : throw away the key.
The new Maroon 5 album : are they Savage Garden for the 2000's?
Madonna's Pharrel song : Eh.
Pharrell's ice cream Reebok trainers : Amazing.

80's Things I've rediscovered this month Alison Moyet. The first concert I ever saw and still one of my favourite singers. Love Resurrection rocks ass!
Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield. This is one of the best pop songs ever written and I'll defend it via hate mail. I don't mind saying that Brandon Flowers may have studied this song as song camp. It's sugar rush in 3 minutes. 'Swept Away' by Diana Ross. Written by Darryl Hall and someone or other. I think if Britney Spears were to launch a comeback this song would do it. In fact, could Britney please not do this song and instead could Madonna Cover it and could Calvin Harris please produce. The Family – the 'secret' Prince album that may or may not be Prince. Does anyone know?
Maniac by Michael Sembello. Is it wrong I like this song?

I started this blog tired and a bit of 80's just got me all 'up'. Thank you 80's.

Well, once again, wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who writes me on here. I do read all the notes. Obviously it's getting harder and harder to reply to a lot but I try. I try!

Sending big love..

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