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Darren posted a new blog
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August 29, 2007 - Wednesday
Guest Blogger - Kane Adrian
'Me, Myself and (I)' Set Visit
- Kane Adrian

Have you ever thought how cool it would be to go visit the set of a music video? The lights, the glamour, the all-you-can-eat buffet and servants fulfilling your every need... the serene music and luxurious couch in the dressing room... the relaxing massage between takes...
Um. You're kidding, right?

Thanks to the so-nice-it-makes-you-sick kindness of Darren Hayes, I was invited along Tuesday afternoon to watch as he filmed the music video to the upcoming second single off This Delicate Thing We've Made - 'Me, Myself and (I)'.

Arriving a little after 1pm to find a room at my old University filled with cables, enormous green screens, massive fans (of the spinning, rather than overweight and fainting, sort), monitors, cameras and other such machinery, I was taken through to the dressing room to find an uber-sweaty Darren in a state of undress. Oh, sorry girls (and boys)... did I get you excited for a moment there? He was just topping up his deodorant and tucking his shirt in. Relax,
already. Sheesh.

Having missed each other on a couple of occasions, I've gotta say it was lovely to meet the man who's not only provided some of the best pop music of my music-loving life but who shares my love for all things geeky. Sure enough, the conversation swiftly turned to my partner's comic store and Star Wars, as Darren shared his excitement at using the same digital camera used for Episodes II and III of the saga. As producer Grant Marshall - of 'Crush (1980 Me)' fame, among many other Darren-related production - joined in, however, it dawned on me: man, I'm so glad I studied films rather than filmmaking. As cool as it all sounded in theory, this techno-talk was a little over my head. Add to that the hive of activity right outside, I think I'll happily stick to overanalysing the end product. Talk of original Return of the Jedi posters, silver-painted Star Wars figures and shopping at Comics Etc. was definitely more my bag... erm... baby. Of course, that's not to say it wasn't all completely and utterly fascinating - not to mention surreal.

Discovering that these poor sods had been at it since around 6am, had filmed major sequences involving what was essentially a jet engine blowing Darren across the floor and had until at least 9pm to go, the time came for Darren to go back to work. Tracey, Darren's Mum, Aunty J, a niece and nephew lucky to get the day off school and other friends and family arrived and we sat down to chat as Darren stood upon his little green stage and prepared for the main part of the day's shoot. Not surprisingly, the entire family was lovely and it was easy to see where our man gets it.
Meanwhile, I barely knew there even was such a thing as 6am.

As silence filled the room, the bold (and instantly addictive) opening beats of 'Me, Myself and (I)' blasted over the speakers - a total joy for me, since I hadn't heard more than the 30 second MySpace clip by this stage. Darren switched effortlessly from the cheeky, cheerful guy we see in interviews to Mr. Pop Star, alone in front of a mass of fluorescent green, wind blowing on his shiny black suit, staring into the camera, beginning his well-rehearsed moves and continuing in character until the final 'woo-hoo'. And then, sure enough - like clockwork - Mr. Cheeky returned. As he was poked and prodded by the make-up guy and costume girl and stood patiently for the next run through, he appeared to have an epiphany: 'Kane, are you too young to remember the Sunnyboy showbags at the Ekka?' he shouted across the room. I knew what he meant but it kind of came out of left-field. 'Um...' I replied, eloquently, 'yeah, I know what you mean.' 'Those triangular ice things that made the shlush shlush sound...' he recalled, with a level of glee some might say was out of balance with the actual allure of a Sunnyboy. Yep. This was definitely Darren Hayes, Brisbane boy and pop culture fanatic, excited that he was in town at the same time as the Ekka. Oh, and for those who don't know, that's our annual show... or fair... orwhatever you wish to call it. Apparantly, Richard didn't 'get it' and Darren's Mum referred to it as 'a cesspool of disease.' It is... but, hey, showbags, people. Showbags.

Take after take of what was shaping up to be a nice sequence indeed and Darren continued the friendly banter across the room, while ensuring he was cooperating with the crew. 'What's my motivation?' he asked Richard, in typical Hollywood actor style. 'Do you want it faster? More intense?' he said later, in a tip of the hat to Star Wars only us true obsessives would understand. It was mentioned in conversation later in the day that this eagerness to please was unique to Darren. Many artists, I was told, spend video shoots wasting time (and budgets) with diva-like behaviour. However, despite weeks and months of near non-stop work, lack of sleep and late nights online, Darren was doing all he could to ensure everything ran smoothly - even down to offering drinks and spraying the room with deodorant to mask the distinctive smell of overworked feet. No, not his. In fact, I got the impression he may in fact die if he ever thought he stank. No joke.

As my visit came toward its end, I got to watch the filming of the dancers and - I swear - what those guys were doing should require a degree in physics.
Reminiscent of Kraftwerk, Daft Punk and Kylie's Fever era, it was unbelievable to watch the focus and determination on these guys' and girls' faces as they went through the motions over and over again in front of a small crowd. No doubt about it, theirs is an occupation that couldn't possibly get enough praise. Even Darren was in awe. Of course, that was never going to stop him distracting them between takes for a momentary laugh. Ever the joker, Darren would stand back and openly critique 'the one in the tie' or 'number 3'. Needless
to say, they were in identical costumes and unnumbered.

All jokes aside, it was this very beauty we were witnessing that Darren informed me he was unable to do under a major recording contract. This mechanical, electronic, '80s-inspired artistry he clearly excels in could only happen now and, boy, it was worth the wait. Even without the editing and animation work poor Richard has ahead, the monitors showed what is destined to be one damn cool clip.

And that was without a single glimpse of a prop. As much as I'd like to provide a commentary on Darren's moment in the spotlight with the dancers, I'm afraid I got a call to say I had to leave. Why, you ask? Puppy pre-school. Yep. That's right. My dog had to go learn... stuff. Sorry guys! So, that was it for me. No buffet, no massage, no luxurious couch. Nope - it was something far better and more real than that. It was a normal bunch of guys creating art, an artist fuelled by Red Bull and an unashamed optimism to keep his vision alive and his family watching their son, brother, nephew and uncle at work.

Thanks for the opportunity, Darren! See you back home in October and, until then, I look forward to seeing this complicated thing you just made.

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