Secret Codes And Battleships
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Release: 21/10/2011
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Stupid Mistake
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Bloodstained Heart
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Black Out The Sun
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Talk Talk Talk
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This Delicate FILM We've Made
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Release: 02/2009
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The Time Machine Tour
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Release: 21/07/2008
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Big Night In...
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Release: 1/12/2006
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Truly Madly Completely
Format: CD/DVD
Label: Roadshow
Release: 21/11/2005
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Darren posted a new blog
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October 6, 2007 - Saturday

New Video Shoot and getting ready for Australia!
Current mood: Tired
Category: Tired Music

I spent the day 'off' on Friday shooting a new music video for the 3rd single.
I will reveal what that single is at some point in the future.
Right now, let me say that I worked with the lovely folks at onedotzero.com and the wonderfully talented Damian Hale. All of these visioneers are due directly to my relationship with Willie Williams. Damian et al worked on all the visuals for the tour, as as you recall, the animation video for 'Step into the Light'. So that's how we all started working together.

This video is live action and animation - much like the combination of both in 'Verge' - so although there was a lot of green screen and there will be a lot of post production - I was still required to, you know, be in it lol.

What I didn't realize was how much.
I literally thought I was turning up for a few hours but ended up on set basically the entire 13 hour day.

Damian and crew did an amazing job with props, costumes and details.
I can't wait to see how it turns out. (Don't expect it until 2008) I uploaded some pics HERE.

There are so many things in the pipeline at the moment.
I'm obviously excited about the Australian tour.
We are filming the Brisbane show for a possible DVD.
Then there's the repackaged album we're putting out next year to include a surround sound DVD with 13 animated films.
Then there's the musical I'm developing.
Ooops. Did I just reveal that out loud?
Oh well, it's true.
It's going to take years so don't hold your breath but it's a collaboration with Willie Williams. If you thought the album and the tour seemed theatrical it's because they are! We've wet our feet with the idea of a narrative on this tour. Can't wait to develop a larger story with more original songs. Wish us luck!

Someone I love is Steve Anderson (Kylie Minogue's musical director).
He is involved in the 'Remixed' version of the musical 'Rent' in previews in London.
Steve was responsible for completely re-arranging and re-envisioning the sound of the show. It's so hard to tackle something like this but I have to give it to Steve for coming up with some beautiful new arrangements. I met him tonight and he was very kind and generous.

Though - I was 'not talking' (something I frustratingly have to do whem my voice is sore.. and this week after the tour and then singing on the video set all day it needed rest!).

So poor Steve had to meet me as a mime artist!
If you're reading this Steve - sorry!
But you are lovely. And we have to work together soon.

Me, Anna, Willie, Richard and my friend Nat from school met afterwars for some dinner and it was so great to have a moment where I was surrounded by peole I love and I felt at home in London. It doesn't often happen - but it's getting more and more common that I find a bit of peace and solitude in this city. When it happens I feel kind of relieved actually.

Oh and before I forget it ..
And I'm not even on it. Well, I have an account that admin runs and it says everywhere that the only stuff on there is stuff from myspace and to please just find me here. But still I'm being pestered to be there. Errgh!!
I'm sooooo over the bloody invites, the pokes, the water balloon fights. The wall!
The writing on it. The people talking about it. Can you get the theme here? I will not submit! Me and Steve Young are at the front of the resistance. JOIN US!


See ya

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