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October 14, 2007 - Sunday

I don't mind doin' it for the kids!
Current mood: Spacey, tired, excited
Category: Spacey, tired, excited Music

I'm writing this in bed at 3 in the morning after the first Australian show in Perth.
I'm sure I will finish this blog somewhere in Sydney, but right now let me try to catch you up on the last 3 days or so.

Going backwards the reason I'm up so late is that I did a performance at a charity telethon immediately after my show. I didn't get to the studio until midnight and was feeling a little worse for wear considering I'd just come off stage singing 21 songs!
The folks at the Telethon in Perth were incredibly accommodating and we did it for the kids. Me and Steve sang 'Verge' and then I sat on the panel for a while reading out kind donations from generous folk. I can't say enough wonderful things about the telethon and those who gave so generously. What huge gorgeous hearts you have in Perth!

Prior to that, the Perth show at the Burswood Theatre was pretty flawless. It was so great to get back up on stage and do the show again. We've all missed each other and we felt in a perhaps dysfunctional way relived to be back as one single cell organism again! I met the most beautiful people backstage including the courageous Shayne and her lion hearted son Jarred. Love you both!

The day before the show we had a production rehearsal to get the new crew up to speed on the show and the set. Afterwards we went out to a bit of a local legend burger joint where we'd hung out many times on Savage Garden tours. Talk about de ja vu. We were also reunited with a guitar tech, Mills, who I hadn't seen since the first Savage Garden tour in 1997. VERY WEIRD in a good way! Anna and I have had many moments on this tour where we've turned to each other and gone.. 'Whoa!'.
Nostalgia plus.
So that was written last night before I went to bed. I'm writing this
on the plane* from Perth to Sydney.
The morning has been chaos. Left the hotel at 9.30am.
I hate early rising at the best of times, most of all when I've done a show the night before. And without coffee!
It was chaos leaving the hotel (30 plus people on a bus, all their luggage and no one in the mood for chit chat ) and chaos at the airport checking in.
Finally managed to get my latte and a yoghurt and jump on the plane.

It's a 3 and a half hour flight to Sydney where I'll get in at 5pm and pretty much get ready for winding down. Have more breakfast radio interviews to do in the morning and then a club show that night. It's going to be a bangin' show at the Oxford Art Factory. Can't wait.

Most surreal moment of the past 48 hours : the Kylie impersonator on the telethon show.
Picture this : fake Kylie in 'Can't get you out of my head' outfit flanked by cyber dancing folk. Don't get me wrong, she looked a lot like Kylie and wore that skimpy outfit very well. But everyone was treating her as though she WAS Kylie. They even referred to her as 'Kylie'. "Come on Kylie! They're ready for you!" the stage manager said as they ushered her to the stage. Even 'Kylie' herself thought she was the real deal, clapping her hands authoritatively at her dancers to make their way to the set. And they jumped to attention!

Most touching memory of the last 48 hours : The generosity of the telethon audience. Room full of local residents, all there for the long haul, full of energy and handing over literally wads of cash to the celebrities there to sign autographs and take pictures. It breaks my heart in a good way when hard working people give so generously. 20 dollars from an average family is a lot of money and some of these people were handing it over to me to give to the Telethon just to take a picture with me. Very kind and these people are true heroes.

Most hilarious moment? The panel, referring to Australian Idol contestant and fellow homosexual Anthony Callea and I as having 'a lot in common' and then suggesting I was there to 'pass the baton'.
The Gay Baton? Lol. He seemed lovely but I don't have a baton. And if I did, I wouldn't be passing it on to anyone just yet.
Well, maybe to fake Kylie. Fylie, as I now call her.

Thanks to everyone in Perth for making us feel so welcome and mostly all at Telethon for your hard work and huge hearts. We were very proud to be asked to help.

I'm going to sign off and get settled in to my Sydney hotel now (I'm here finally!). Got an early start and then a big fun bangin' club show to do. On Tuesday we are taking the band and crew out on a boat cruise around Sydney Harbor. They deserve so much more than that, but this will have to do. I already miss this family and we haven't even said our goodbyes yet. It's just been the best touring family I've ever been a part of. I need to make more records in order to keep us all together more!
On that note, goodnight/morning/afternoon/evening/luck/bye.

*The plane experience just trying to write to you was an ordeal.
Spilled my drink on my lap. Annoyed the cabin crew constantly walking up and down the plane trying to get power for my laptop. Got in trouble for cutting through the service area that separated the band from me by the purser who scalded me saying 'These people are trying to work!' I was just trying to find someone who had the right power converter! When I finally got it (after 3 trips back and forth and many 'tisk tisk' noises form staff and passengers alike for rifling through all the band's carry on luggage looking for the right chord) it didn't work. Ooops! Sorry hehe.

Much love

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