Secret Codes And Battleships
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Stupid Mistake
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Bloodstained Heart
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Black Out The Sun
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Talk Talk Talk
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This Delicate FILM We've Made
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Release: 02/2009
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The Time Machine Tour
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Big Night In...
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Truly Madly Completely
Format: CD/DVD
Label: Roadshow
Release: 21/11/2005
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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Who would have thought the tiny courageous?
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Isn't it always the way?
The runt of the litter is always the strongest.
We played to our smallest theatre audience on the tour tonight in Adelaide and it was, once again, such hard work for the crew to try to find a way to fit our huge show into the magical but cramped stage at the legendary Thebarton Theatre.

But oh how magical the show turned out to be!

I was called at 10 am to be told the ceiling was just too low to fit the origami crane in. This, obviously, gutted me as the crane as you've guessed by now is a crucial part of the show. The boys worked incredibly hard to make sure the bridge and the tower and the projection screens would be present and we arrived at the venue.

I'm not afraid to say that the show wasn't sold out. Only a few on the tour haven't been, but every time that happens it's always hard on everyone as we feel we've failed somehow. We look out at the empty rows at the back and feel bad for the audience who might feel that they've come to a gig that is less than popular. But you know what? Every time that happens we just pitch up and give the best we have and the audience gives it right back.

This audience in Adelaide tonight was without a doubt the one with the biggest heart I've witnessed. They made us feel like we were in a stadium. They stood up (when allowed to lol!) clapped, cheered and supported us through our journey and I had a wonderful show.

As per usual, I've finally picked up the lurgy that the entire band and crew have come down with since England and it knocked me on my ass before the show. I was absolutely shattered at sound check and napped before the show, all the time my festering throat getting angrier. Luckily it only made me feel like crap but didn't really hamper my voice.

At soundcheck, I was told that Masaoko, one of my most enduring and faithful Japanese fans had passed away. She had bought tickets to the entire tour and when she was taken ill, her family contacted us to ask if we could give her tickets away. We thought she was incredibly kind and of course refused the offer, refunding her money and sending a basket of goodies and autographed photos and things to send light and love.
It broke our hearts to find out that she passed away holding my photogaph this morning.

I dedicated Affirmation to her and the trio of Japanese fans in the front row burst into tears almost taking me with them.

I don't understand the randomness of life. This year has been the hardest of mine, truth be told. But also the most wonderful. But through it all, I'm so proud of all of you for being open and for growing with me and rebelling. Let's face it, I've hardly had tremendous support at radio or television and in some ways, I'm succeeding without much help. I guess we all have that in common. We're outsiders, we don't subscribe to whatever it is we're told to do and instead we've made our own music and danced to it. If it weren't for people like Masako, I wouldn't be able to do the thing I love. If it weren't for the people in Adelaide tonight who paid their hard earned cash to bring our silly and wonderful and crazy and brilliant show down under and into your hearts tonight, none of these connections would have been made.

So tonight I raise my glass to the disenfranchised. To the lonely, the departed, the broken hearted.

I've got time for you.
Thank you for having time for me.

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