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Darren posted a new blog
Автор: JulyGarden 22 октября 2007 Комментарии: 0 Просмотров: 1245    
Darren posted a new blog
Monday, October 22, 2007

On the mend
Current mood: Rejuvinating
Category: Rejuvinating Music

I'm in Melbourne and on the mend.
The 'lurgy' ended up being the full blown throat infection that most of the crew and band got but luckily I got some pretty powerful antibiotics and am resting up well and good until the Melbourne show.
It's a blessing having this time, and to be honest I have not even left my hotel room today. I'm here in a dressing gown and have spent the last two days writing everything down and not talking.

It's crazy, but it works.
A speech pathologist said to me that your voice is a muscle like anything else and just like an athelete, if it's sore rest is the only thing that will allow it to recover.
It's amazing what a couple of days of down time does for my vocal chords.
It's also gruelling how many songs there are in this show! So it's no wonder I've felt the strain. But, I'm healthy and good and just taking care of the thing that has given me so much joy.

It's so nice being home.
I've had my gorgeous Mum and Sister to see every single day.
My cousin Tod is running our merchandise stand and with Richard with me the ony thing missing is Wally, our dog!

I"m thrilled about playing in Melbourne on Wedneday and can confirm we definitely are filming the Brisbane show for a future DVD/CD of the 'Time Machine Tour'. It's been such a unique and special production I wanted to have it recorded as a part of my visual history. Hopefully this is a way for overseas fans to experience the show that we love so much.

When we finish up in Brisbane I'm spending a few days home with my family and then Richard and I will go to L.A for a few days of fun (Universal Studios anyone??!! hehe) before I start my Borders appearances and U.S promo.

It's been such a busy year. I do hope we can arrange our special New Years Eve Gig in London. What a way to top off a rollercoaster ride huh?

Next year there are already plans underway for a smaller and more intimate club tour of the UK, Australia and the U.S. So a busy boy I think I'm going to be before this sucker gets put to bed.

Busy but happy.

Oh.. speaking of HAPPY! Did I tell you I had the honour of visiting the set of the Baz Luhrmann film 'Australia' whilst in Sydney? I'm sworn to a confidentiality agreement but I can tell you this is the most elaborate and stunning thing I think he's ever attempted. I'm such a fan and it was a pleasure to meet my favorite director and get a glipse of Nicole and Hugh on set. I'm so proud this film represents Aborginal people in a romantic and deservedly respectful way. There are some amazing indigenous Australian actors in the film including Lillian Crombie, Ursula Yovich, David Ngoombujarra and David Gulpilil. Lillian was on set the day we watched and I think she's so stunning. Just a gorgeous human being.

Right, that's it for me.
I think the vitamins are kicking in.
I'm having such a ball on tour.
She Said Yes are just a great pop band and Tania Doko is a DOLL.
Please check them out and support them if you like their music.
They so deserve it.

Love you and will probably blog from my dressing gown again tomorrow.

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