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Monday, July 08, 2008

The Mix Tape
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I was asked to write some thoughts on 'the mix tape' for an interview/article that the Independent (a wonderful London paper) was doing on 'The Mix Tape'.
I've no idea if my comments or thoughts were used in the eventual article.. but here is the piece I submitted.

Love to hear your thoughts on the 'mix tape' (and it doesn't have to be on a 'tape'..lol)


I've always said the most accurate indication of romantic compatibility is music.
Primarily for two reasons. Firstly, you can tell what someone is like in bed by how they dance. Fact. Secondly and perhaps most importantly you can find out what someone is really like by the music they listen to.
Hence the value of exchanging mix tapes.

If you think about it, our record collections used to be the ultimate window to the soul.
Flicking through your new friend's vinyl (then CD and sadly now iPod) used to be the ultimate quick study.

The inner monologue whilst browsing through a stranger's music collection might go something like this :

Radiohead. Ok they have some taste or at least want people to think so. Check.

Dirty Pretty Things. Ok so this person really cares what people think of them.

The Best of E.L.O. Interesting. Was I meant to see this? It looks well played.
The mind races and decides this is a guilty pleasure and one I thoroughly approve of.
My potential new friend has an uncool side and this crosses over into my music collection. Verdict? We will be friends for life.

All of my relationships have begun and ended with a mix tape.
The most successful of which resulted in no less than a box set of 5 CD's given to me by my now Civil Partner Richard. He had a collection simply entitled 'Dirt under the fingernails' and it included songs that became my first introduction to bands like 'Dogs die in Hot Cars' and 'St Etienne'. It also included my favorite ever Kate Bush song and that ever elusive E.L.O song 'Mr Blue Sky' which sealed our fate as lovers.

Even my relationship to my audience is in some way a massive mix tape exchange.
The pre show and post show music at every tour I've ever done has always been a collection of subliminal messages or at least a window into my mind at that point of my life. The last big show I did was at the Albert Hall in London last year, but most tellingly was the music I played audiences on a tiny club show in February of this year. I planned to go away for a while and reconsider my place in the music industry.
This was the tracklisting

1. Goodnight Lovers by Depeche Mode
2. Can't get it out of my head by ELO
3. Cry by Godley and Creme
4. Why not smile by REM
5. Watching the Wheels by John Lennon
6. Don't falter by St Etienne
7.Heart's a mess by Gotye
8. Let down by Radiohead
9. Sailor song by The Gadsdens
10. Hounds of Love by Kate Bush

Darren Hayes London July 1 2008

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