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This Delicate FILM We've Made
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The Time Machine Tour
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Big Night In...
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Friday, July 20, 2007

Make Something Wonderful and what will you feel?
Current mood: Reflective

I don't think I've worked harder than I have this week. Well, not since the very first days of that pop band I was in. I have returned from a 4 day jaunt around the UK visiting radio stations and promoting the single. And I'm shagged!

Steve, guitarist in our band, it has to be said is both funnier and more versatile than I'd given him credit. I'm not talking about his playing. That is unquestionable. But he's a good driver and has a dead pan sense of humor. I knew this when the radio announced that Amy Whinehouse had cancelled yet another gig. Tracey, my assistant and long time touring veteran said 'She's going to have a hard time getting insurance. She obviously has some kind of substance issue. She needs treatment'. Without missing a beat Steve said, deadly seriously... 'They tried to make her go to rehab. But she said no'.

You had to be there.

But Steve O did drive like a demon through bad weather and an unusually shy GPS that decided to be silent for most of the trip. We HATED her. (She had a very posh english accent and was vague about direction.. She'd use adjectives like 'slightly' and 'soon' when giving directions. Ie TURN SLIGHTLY RIGHT. ERR. SOON.')
Yeah she was useless.

I sang 'Verge..' about 5 times a day as well as doing back to back interviews. All of the Dj's were lurvely to us and we did stay in some amazing hotels.

Tomorrow I'm doing my cover shoot for Attitude Magazine. You will be relieved to know that the two ENORMOUS spots on my face have evaporated and I am sat here with a face mask on. I almost never get zits. And this week I was like a 16 y/o kid.
At least it was radio!

Hope some of you have discovered the 'make something wonderful' project.

It's such a gorgeous idea.

What can I tell you to keep you in my loop?
I've been so busy I can barely think.. so here they are in point form

*Yep.. I'm doing G.A.Y on August 18. Think of it as a preview to the tour.
And an album launch.
*Being 'indie' is hard work ! Lower your expectations of chart positions please!
So then if the single or album chart higher or I get more airplay than I expected I'll be surprised. Ain't no room for dissapointment or negativity in this house y'all.
*Borders are being amazing to me in the U.S
*The music video will be on Video Hits in Australia this weekend.
*I am heading home to Oz in August to do Rove and a few surprises.
*I'm obsessed with Robyn's 'With every heartbeat'
*I'm still obsessed with Patrick Wolf

I had a tough week, truth be told.
Not tough bad, but tough in a challenging fight for your passion kind of way.
Nothing worth having comes too easily. But it took it out of me this week. Came home and just flopped into my family's arms and slept the week off.

I had one of those dreams I sometimes have where I dream of San Francisco and my home by the bay. The smell of the ocean and the cyan blue water smiling at me when I woke up from being sad. Didn't matter how down I was - the view from my window always said 'Aww come on. It's not so bad'.
I cried a little in my sleep for I walked around with Richard and showed him the house and the peace I felt by the water. I know it was just a symbol of how hard I'm working and how for me Sausalito will always represent a time when I was out of the game. It was easy not competing. I did not have to try. I was a little lost though. A sort of neo peace. But also like living in the fog. Nothing was real and there were no challenges.

Then I woke up this morning and I had a MySpace message from an old friend from school. He'd been my best friend since first grade and we'd lost contact. Fallen out actually years and years ago before my success. Anyway he wrote to me and apologized and I cried a few happy tears and marvelled at the connectivity of MySpace. In some ways, the dream seemed almost like a symbol of my relationship to the past. And here was my past literally waving hello. Say hello to your future! I'm just pleased to meet you. You were a million miles away. Say hello to your lion's heart. Queen Victoria's England will never be the same again!

Here's some Kate Bush lyrics I love
It's from her album 'Ariel' and it's called A Coral Room.

There's a city, draped in net
Fisherman net
And in the half light, in the half light
It looks like every tower
Is covered in webs
Moving and glistening and rocking
It's babies in rhythm
As the spider of time is climbing
Over the ruins

There were hundreds of people living here
Sails at the windows
And the planes came crashing down
And many a pilot drowned
And the speed boats flying above
Put your hand over the side of the boat
What do you feel?

My mother and her little brown jug
It held her milk
And now it holds our memories
I can hear her singing
"Little brown jug don't I love thee"
"Little brown jug don't I love thee"
Ho ho ho, hee hee hee

I hear her laughing
She is standing in the kitchen
As we come in the back door
See it fall
See it fall
Oh little spider climbing out of a broken jug
And the pieces will lay there a while
In a house draped in net
In a room filled with coral
Sails at the window
Forests of masts
Put your hand over the side of the boat
Put your hand over the side of the boat
What do you feel?


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