Secret Codes And Battleships
Format: CD Album
Label: Mercury Records, EMI Records
Release: 21/10/2011
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Stupid Mistake
Format: 7" Vinyl
Label: Mercury Records, EMI Records
Release: 7/05/2012
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Bloodstained Heart
Format: 7" Vinyl
Label: Mercury Records, EMI Records
Release: 05/09/2011
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Black Out The Sun
Format: 7" Vinyl Singles
Label: Mercury Records, EMI Records
Release: 2/10/2011
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Talk Talk Talk
Format: 7" Vinyl Singles
Label: Mercury Records, EMI Records
Release: 24/06/2011
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This Delicate FILM We've Made
Format: Music DVD
Label: Powdered Sugar
Release: 02/2009
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The Time Machine Tour
Format: Music DVD
Label: Powdered Sugar
Release: 21/07/2008
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Big Night In...
Format: Music DVD
Label: Roadshowvideo
Release: 1/12/2006
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Truly Madly Completely
Format: CD/DVD
Label: Roadshow
Release: 21/11/2005
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Darren posted a new blog
Автор: JulyGarden 17 июня 2008
From: Darren Hayes
Date: Jun 17, 2008 2:51 PM
Subject: psst free song and stuff

there's a new acoustic live version of 'darkness' for sneaky download over on my myspace music player for a blink and you'll miss it period of time..
you might want to grab it while it's there..

don't forget, 'the time machine tour' dvd is out july 22nd and can be pre ordered in the U.K, U.

S and Australia by heading over to
www. darrenhayes. com
or going to your local music sites ie amazon. co. uk amazon. com
jbhifi etc..

If you don't live in the u.s, u.

k or australia no fear as the dvd is region free so all you have to do is work out whether you can play
u.s or rest of the world dvd's and order accordingly..

we had the most wonderful time at the premiere screening in London last friday - my head was still paying for it days afterwards and I'm happy to say I'm over my hangover!

sending you love..
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Darren posted a new blog
Автор: JulyGarden 15 июня 2008
Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Day After

So now I know why I don't drink much!
It is safe to say I am nursing quite the sore head today after a wee bit too much celebrating last night. I've included a picture here that Jane (one of
the fanclub winners) took of me at the meet and greet after. This was before drinking but strangely this looks like how I feel today!

We had a private get together for band and family around 5pm at the Soho Hotel
in London - and at 6pm we screened 'The Time Machine Tour' for an audience of 100 people. It was 50% invited guests and 50% you lovely folk and I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say we had a great time.

I was particularly struck by just how lovely a lot you are!
It's a lucky job this one, I know, and particularly a fortunate one where the people you meet day to day are more like friends than an 'audience'.
Everyone was so kind and generous and we were so happy we could involve you all in what was a triumph for us as a band and crew.

So once again thank you to everyone who entered the competition to come to the screening and thank you for making our night so special.

Much love
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Darren posted a new blog
Автор: JulyGarden 6 июня 2008
Friday, June 6, 2008

The Slips and Cristel's Dirty Dirty Ehems

Went to see friends of mine The Slips at Madame JoJo's last night.
They were fantastic.
Rich and I got to hang out with our dear friend Cristel and he and her made up a song called 'Stupid Dirty Boobs'.
You had to be there.
But it had us in stitches.

I think Rick Nowels and I wrote a gorgeous song.
You never know until you have space from it.
It is called 'Perfect'.
And I love it and I love him.
He challenges me, which is a brave thing to do.
I wonder who'll end up recording it.
Or if it will end up gathering dust somewhere?

In other news I managed to get an advance copy of the Coldplay album and it's sublime.

Awright Ya'll.
I'm gonna catch some sleep.

Big hugs
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Darren posted a new blog
Автор: JulyGarden 4 июня 2008
Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summink about nuffink
Current mood: not grumpy but slightly old
Category: not grumpy but slightly old Music

I wanted to write a little update as to what I've but up to as opposed to some abstract rant about how I've become a grumpy old man (did you know there is a
program in the UK called precisely that?) I decided after watching and enjoying it last night that I am too young to become that grumpy. So I'm just mildly annoyed. Well this year, since I didn't want to make an album (more on that later) I thought I'd take some time off. But there is no such thing really as taking time off being creative. The live DVD has taken up so much time that I haven't really had a break. But maybe it's good not to have too much time on my hands. I also know that I really can't switch off this year until the work on the animated DVD is finished. It is such a long and ongoing project that I'll be overseeing that for most of this year.

One thing I have started to do, is do some songwriting for other people.
It's something I've never really consciously done before.
Any songs of mine that have been covered by other artists have always been by accident to be fair.

But my friend Rick Nowels is in town from L.A and we decided to pick up on our promise to write together for other artists.
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