Secret Codes And Battleships
Format: CD Album
Label: Mercury Records, EMI Records
Release: 21/10/2011
Site: darrenhayes.com
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Stupid Mistake
Format: 7" Vinyl
Label: Mercury Records, EMI Records
Release: 7/05/2012
Site: darrenhayes.com
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Bloodstained Heart
Format: 7" Vinyl
Label: Mercury Records, EMI Records
Release: 05/09/2011
Site: darrenhayes.com
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Black Out The Sun
Format: 7" Vinyl Singles
Label: Mercury Records, EMI Records
Release: 2/10/2011
Site: darrenhayes.com
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Talk Talk Talk
Format: 7" Vinyl Singles
Label: Mercury Records, EMI Records
Release: 24/06/2011
Site: darrenhayes.com
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This Delicate FILM We've Made
Format: Music DVD
Label: Powdered Sugar
Release: 02/2009
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The Time Machine Tour
Format: Music DVD
Label: Powdered Sugar
Release: 21/07/2008
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Big Night In...
Format: Music DVD
Label: Roadshowvideo
Release: 1/12/2006
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Truly Madly Completely
Format: CD/DVD
Label: Roadshow
Release: 21/11/2005
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Darren posted a new blog
Автор: JulyGarden 29 мая 2008
Darren posted a new blogThursday, May 29, 2008

Glamour at any price

I'm referring to our society's obsession with wealth.

I am not sure if it makes me a grumpy old man (my obsession lately) or a hypocrite (crimes against fashion and recent mellowing out aside)
but where better to look at what a society values than at those it has placed at the top.

The Celebrity for example.

Our famous people seem to be walking advertisements for luxury items.

The name dropping of brands is obvious and is the most noticeable indicator.

But on a fashion level it seems that most 'STAR' images are just the result of having a deep pocket.
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Darren posted a new blog
Автор: JulyGarden 20 мая 2008
Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Time is running out!
Current mood: watching the clock
Category: watching the clock Music

The deluxe packaging version of 'The Time Machine Tour' DVD is close to selling out. The limited edition 4 panel fold out cover edition features a 32 page booklet with over 300 private photographs from Darren and the band on tour. You can CHECK IT OUT HERE

Once sold out this edition will not be produced again. Don't forget Brits this is also your only chance to enter the competition to attend the friends and family screening of 'The Time Machine Tour' DVD at the ONLY official premiere of the concert film! Each purchase automatically puts you in the draw to win 2 tickets to attend the unveiling of the show alongside Darren and friends in London on June 13.

The deadline for entries is midnight UK time May 29.

To enter, simply CLICK HERE

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Darren posted a new blog
Автор: JulyGarden 13 мая 2008
May 13, 2008

Birthdays make me think . .
Current mood: contemplative
Category: contemplative Music

Birfday was lovely.
Extended I guess you could call it.
Got taken to New York and had 4 days of fun fun fun.
Went to the Met, the MoMa, saw a movie, saw dear friends.
Got to sleep in, stay up and disconnect from work stuff.
Strange that I should say that considering I'm 'on a break' but work never really stops does it? Like the DVD's coming out we literally only just put the 'approved' stamp on the Time Machine Tour (the deluxe one is near to being sold out!) one and we're knee deep in packaging ideas and concepts for the animation DVD coming later this year.

Just those two projects mean that leaving my lap top at home is risky!
I came home to a barrage of 'urgent' emails that needed answers but gosh it was nice not to have the seductive beckoning of the internet to lure me away from, well, living.

It's funny how dependent I can feel on being available online, but it was also very freeing. You realize you are given time off from being marketed to.

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С Днём Рождение Даррена!
Автор: JulyGarden 8 мая 2008
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