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Big Night In...
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Darren posted a new blog
Автор: JulyGarden 30 октября 2007
Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Into the Arms of America
Current mood: ready for a break
Category: ready for a break Music

So much has happened since I last blogged.
Mostly I collapsed with exhaustion from the tour - well I didn't
really have time to collapse as I had a few things to do like present an award at the Arias in Australia and spoil my nephew rotten by hiring out a whole cinema so he and his friends could watch 'Transformers' as a birthday gift.

Where to begin?
Melbourne was ROCKIN'.
BEFORE THAT - we had a day of Sydney amazingness out on a boat as a thankyou to the band and crew. Me - slathered in sunscreen and a hat and not talking (resting my voice again agh!) and the band and crew all gettin' down to the sounds of P Funk and Prince whilst enjoy the Sydney Harbor View and gorgeous food and drink.

Sydney show - amazing.
Melbourne, I've touched on - even more electricity than last time at Manchester Lane.
Brisbane amazing in the end but so much drama getting there with storms, set and equipment delays and poor 'She Said Yes' missing out on their set due to the time restraints.
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Darren posted a new blog
Автор: JulyGarden 25 октября 2007
Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Time Machine Tour - At the End of Time
Current mood: Serene
Category: Serene Music

Well, it's over.
The Time Machine Tour, as we knew it, has come to an end.
The Stage, The Sets, The Costumes, The Origami Bird and the Lasers have all been put into storage and who knows if they'll ever be set free again..

It was an amazing undertaking and I just want to take this opportunity to thank the incredible band and crew who made it all possible.

I knew, going into this album, that the tour for this kind of music had to be presented in a certain way that wouldn't necessarily make the accountant happy - but it was a risk I wanted to take in order to see a dream come to fruition. We honed our skills from Glasgow, to the Royal Albert Hall, from Perth all the way to my home town of Brisbane last night where the show was filmed in glorious High Def for a future DVD.
And I'm so glad.

I don't know if I'll get the chance to put on a show as elaborate again and I'm certain I couldn't have done it without the blood, sweat and tears of this amazing troup of magicians.
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Darren posted a new blog
Автор: JulyGarden 22 октября 2007
Darren posted a new blog
Monday, October 22, 2007

On the mend
Current mood: Rejuvinating
Category: Rejuvinating Music

I'm in Melbourne and on the mend.
The 'lurgy' ended up being the full blown throat infection that most of the crew and band got but luckily I got some pretty powerful antibiotics and am resting up well and good until the Melbourne show.
It's a blessing having this time, and to be honest I have not even left my hotel room today. I'm here in a dressing gown and have spent the last two days writing everything down and not talking.

It's crazy, but it works.
A speech pathologist said to me that your voice is a muscle like anything else and just like an athelete, if it's sore rest is the only thing that will allow it to recover.
It's amazing what a couple of days of down time does for my vocal chords.
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Darren posted a new blog
Автор: JulyGarden 20 октября 2007
Saturday, October 20, 2007

Who would have thought the tiny courageous?
Current mood: zen like
Category: zen like Music

Isn't it always the way?
The runt of the litter is always the strongest.
We played to our smallest theatre audience on the tour tonight in Adelaide and it was, once again, such hard work for the crew to try to find a way to fit our huge show into the magical but cramped stage at the legendary Thebarton Theatre.

But oh how magical the show turned out to be!

I was called at 10 am to be told the ceiling was just too low to fit the origami crane in. This, obviously, gutted me as the crane as you've guessed by now is a crucial part of the show. The boys worked incredibly hard to make sure the bridge and the tower and the projection screens would be present and we arrived at the venue.
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Darren posted a new blog
Автор: JulyGarden 17 октября 2007
Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Older Wiser
Current mood: Wiser
Category: Wiser Music

Last night's show at the Sydney State theatre was tremendous. Amazing crowd, full to the rafters and an energy in the room that was palpable. But it was a conversation I had with a friend and crew member back stage that really made it so special. He and I have had journeys apart from each other that have certain parallels. I think it's fair to say that both of us have felt what it means to fall from grace. We first met in 1998 on the big pop tour for the big pop band. We connected so deeply and he was one of the first straight men in my life I'd had a connection to that was not fatherly or brotherly but a true mutual friendship. He, a man who had lived a more colorful and adventurous life than I at that point. Me, about to go off on my own adventure.

We met on a high.
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Darren posted a new blog
Автор: JulyGarden 15 октября 2007
October 15, 2007 - Monday

Get it out
Category: Music

Just got in from a hot and sweaty club gig in Sydney.
Really a warm up gig and a spontaneous decision this week to do something extra to try to give those people who missed out on our show in Canberra and Newcastle at least a chance to see something special. I loved the gig. I wrote to my best friend and I'll paraphrase what I said to her in my email..

"Tonight on stage I really enjoyed myself. It's bizarre but I needed that gig.
I needed to sweat and to connect with human beings and as stupid as it sounds to know that those people understood me. And when I'm up on stage and I'm doing my thing I'm so happy. Sometimes all the other stuff involved in getting me there can bring me down. But when I'm on fire, when I'm alive like I was tonight I'm so free. "

I was purging myself up there tonight.
Sweat and pain and love and joy and sadness and all of it just pouring out of me.

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Darren posted a new blog
Автор: JulyGarden 14 октября 2007
October 14, 2007 - Sunday

I don't mind doin' it for the kids!
Current mood: Spacey, tired, excited
Category: Spacey, tired, excited Music

I'm writing this in bed at 3 in the morning after the first Australian show in Perth.
I'm sure I will finish this blog somewhere in Sydney, but right now let me try to catch you up on the last 3 days or so.

Going backwards the reason I'm up so late is that I did a performance at a charity telethon immediately after my show. I didn't get to the studio until midnight and was feeling a little worse for wear considering I'd just come off stage singing 21 songs!
The folks at the Telethon in Perth were incredibly accommodating and we did it for the kids. Me and Steve sang 'Verge' and then I sat on the panel for a while reading out kind donations from generous folk. I can't say enough wonderful things about the telethon and those who gave so generously. What huge gorgeous hearts you have in Perth!
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Darren posted a new blog
Автор: JulyGarden 8 октября 2007
October 8, 2007 - Monday

Flying to Perth Australia..
Current mood: Touring!!
Category: Touring!! Music

This is just a mad quick one to let you know I'm on Australian time.. tho I'm not in Australia yet.
I basically have had the weirdest 48 hours where I was going to bed at 7 am and waking up at 5 pm!! Some might say it put me on Aussie time others might say I'm crazy. I think it was just the adjusting to coming off tour before going back on.

Anyway, the annoying thing about it is I was under the impression I was leaving for Australia tomorrow NIGHT. I thought I'd have all day on Tuesday to pack, swank around, buy things I didn't need. Lament over leaving Wally. But nope, I woke up (this afternoon, as you do) to be told that through an error of typing the flight actually leaves at 9 am IN THE MORNING!!!
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Darren posted a new blog
Автор: JulyGarden 6 октября 2007
October 6, 2007 - Saturday

New Video Shoot and getting ready for Australia!
Current mood: Tired
Category: Tired Music

I spent the day 'off' on Friday shooting a new music video for the 3rd single.
I will reveal what that single is at some point in the future.
Right now, let me say that I worked with the lovely folks at onedotzero.com and the wonderfully talented Damian Hale. All of these visioneers are due directly to my relationship with Willie Williams. Damian et al worked on all the visuals for the tour, as as you recall, the animation video for 'Step into the Light'. So that's how we all started working together.

This video is live action and animation - much like the combination of both in 'Verge' - so although there was a lot of green screen and there will be a lot of post production - I was still required to, you know, be in it lol.
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Darren posted a new blog
Автор: JulyGarden 3 октября 2007
October 3, 2007 - Wednesday

Career defining moment
Current mood: hungover

8 am.
How rock and roll is this?
Just getting to bed after sending the last of the stragglers home from my house.
The performance at The Royal Albert Hall was momentous. For many reasons.
Because it is a prestigious and esteemed venue.
Because it was a dream of mine that I literally plucked out of the sky 2 years ago
and it became a reality.
Because it was the end of the UK tour.
Because my oldest and closest friend from school, Nat, was in attendence (over in Europe for a vacation).
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