Secret Codes And Battleships
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Label: Mercury Records, EMI Records
Release: 21/10/2011
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Stupid Mistake
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Release: 7/05/2012
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Bloodstained Heart
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Release: 05/09/2011
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Black Out The Sun
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Release: 2/10/2011
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Talk Talk Talk
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This Delicate FILM We've Made
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Label: Powdered Sugar
Release: 02/2009
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The Time Machine Tour
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Release: 21/07/2008
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Big Night In...
Format: Music DVD
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Release: 1/12/2006
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Truly Madly Completely
Format: CD/DVD
Label: Roadshow
Release: 21/11/2005
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Darren posted a new blog
Автор: JulyGarden 14 июля 2007
Heading back from Leeds..
Current mood: Drenched

I'm sitting in a pub in the train terminal. The White Rose. I'm drinking RedBull and I never do. Needs me some warming up! I feel quite grateful to all who waited in the cold and the rain today to make all of the performers feel welcome. What a great hardy town spirit (and what great accents!)

I'm not sure if my performance was broadcast yet, but I know Radio Aire has the single and dig it so if you're a Leeds local and want to hear 'Verge' give 'em a call.

Everyone at the event was really helpful and the folks at 96.3 were super nice.
Thank you!

I wore my sky blue Marc Jacobs suit and white trainers.. not a great idea for a mud festival lol! It rained so much and the ground turned to quicksand. I was walking around the backstage area with my feet in plastic bags, a poncho on and people holding umberellas over me. If I didn't look so stupid I'd have looked like a diva!
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Darren posted a new blog
Автор: JulyGarden 14 июля 2007
Saturday, July 14, 2007

Now I am the master!!
Category: Music

I went to Star Wars Celebration Europe yesterday in London and I met Mark Hamill.
You know.. Luke Skywalker.
Do you know how incredible that was for me??
If you have ANY idea of how much of a Star Wars fan I am you'll know how much of a big deal this was!

From the moment we arrived I was like a kid in a candy store. Scout Troopers, Storm Troopers, R2D2's FOR DAYS.... it was like geek heaven. I was spoiled rotten by the folks at Skywalker Ranch who hooked me and my posse up with VIP passes (I know, I know!) and we got the gold treatment.

We sat there backstage and there was Chewie, Wicket, C3PO - well the real human being who played them but I was DYING. Then we got taken to Mark who wrote 'Galactically Yours' as his signature on his photgraph. I mean, come on... IT'S THE ORIGINAL and THE BESTest Jedi in the universe peoples. And my hero as a boy.

I gotta say you can pretty much cancel all my future plans coz I'm a happy camper.
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Darren posted a new blog
Автор: JulyGarden 13 июля 2007
Friday, July 13, 2007


First of all, for U.S peeps I'm so proud to announce that you can pre order my album at Amazon.com in the U.S. It's a massive big deal for me to have confirmation of my first U.S release in years..


Woot Woot!

Seconly we've got voting requesting numbers for UK audiences who watch the Box or Smash Hits.

To see 'Verge' on The Box it's selection 100
You can phone 09056 525252 or text Box + 100 to 86600
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Darren posted a new blog
Автор: JulyGarden 12 июля 2007
Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fun stuff news and something wonderful...
Current mood: accomplished

Busy days call for busy blogging!
Verge is heating up the airwaves in Australia and just starting in
the U.K Tickets are onsale for the tour (depending on where you live..either today or monday..) and I had a meeting about the second music video (!) and costumes for the tour.. So it's pretty much all happening!

Some cool stats for you..
I debuted at no. 4 on the club charts in Music Week in the U.K this
And we just hit the Billboard top 30 club play in the U.S!
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Darren posted a new blog
Автор: JulyGarden 11 июля 2007
Wednesday, July 11, 2007


We are please to announce Darren Hayes will kick of his TIME MACHINE
TOUR in the United Kingdom in September/October!


Monday 24 September Glasgow - Clyde Auditorium
Tuesday 25 September Newcastle - City Hall
Thursday 27 September Birmingham - Symphony Hall
Friday 28 September Brighton - Dome
Sunday 30 September Manchester - Salford Lowry
Monday 1 October Liverpool - Philharmonic
Wednesday 3 October London - Royal Albert Hall

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Darren posted a new blog
Автор: JulyGarden 8 июля 2007
Sunday, July 08, 2007

Madonna has a hot ass
Current mood: chipper

Konichiwa bitches..
It's Sunday (mmm) and I'm about to head out to the gym (ergh) to stay fit (yeah) so I can sing and play hard (wahoo) on tour (yeaaha!)

I still hate working out.
Does anyone love it?
When anyone asks me how was the gym? I say 'necessary'.
Never 'bliss!'.

I watched bits of Live Earth. I don't want the earth to melt. That's for sure.
But I don't know if the Pussycat Dolls can save us. Do you?
Still Madonna has a hot ass!

We went to Whole Foods today to buy something called 'forbidden rice' and it was very tasty. It should be forbidden it's so nice.
And tonight I'm doing a satellite interview for Australia and tomorrow press for some big things including Attitude magazine in the U.K.
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Darren posted a new blog
Автор: JulyGarden 7 июля 2007
Saturday, July 07, 2007

Voting And Requesting

I'm pretty excited about the single starting to be played on radio and t.v in the U.K and Australia. For U.S fans, don't worry - we are releasing the album on the sameday but we're starting the single much later, possibly into the new year. But it's coming.

In the past, we've sometimes run into problems with fan support - with a few over zealousbut well meaning supporters giving the rest of the community a reputation for harassing and stalking radio and t.v in my name (lol!)

Whilst I'm obviously not keen on getting into that situation again - it would also send the wrong message if absolutely no one voted for the song when invited to by a station. A lot of people have been asking about how they can help support the new music and it's actually really simple. Just keep it real.
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Автор: JulyGarden 6 июля 2007

В Москве состоялся концерт Джерджа Майкла в рамках мирового тура «LIVE 25 STADIUM TOUR».
Зрителям была представлена новая стадионная версия шоу, в которой задействовано около двух сотен человек. Сцена была снабжена уникальным большим изогнутым экраном на котором вовремя исполнения песен были представлины визуальные эффекты в создании, которых принимал участие супруг Даррена - Richard Cullen, о чем свидетелствовали титры в финальной части концерта под музыку "Freedom 90".
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Darren posted a new blog
Автор: JulyGarden 6 июля 2007
Friday, July 06, 2007

Holiday snaps
Current mood: rejuvenated

I just got back from spending 5 days in the English countryside with no phone, no laptop and no stress! It was pure bliss. I'm telling you this because I want to apologize to anyone who may have written and thought I went..'eh' and ignored you. No such chance interweb. I've come home to oodles of messages and I'm doing my darndest to get through 'em.
But oh what fun.

I got back yesterday and today walked right into a massive promo day.
I did a photoshoot for the Mail on Sunday and Boyz magazine as well as an interview for the Evening Standard.
It was fun.
Shall I divulge some holiday memories for you?
You can just pretend to be interested. I won't know.
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Видео "On The Verge Of Something Wonderful"
Автор: JulyGarden 5 июля 2007
Новое видео можно просмотреть на Official Darren Hayes Youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCEDG9kvRtE

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